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  • How to make payment? Self payment & Insurance ?
    The British Allergy Clinic is accredited to all major insurance providers. The professional fee for consultation is £250/- for initial consultations and £200/- for follow-up consultations. All investigations and procedures are charged separately. Self-funded patients are required to pay prior to any tests being performed.
  • What to expect in clinic?
    Patients will be given a registration form to complete in clinic. Appointments are usually 45 min in duration, although some may last for 1 hour depending on complexity and tests required.
  • Preparation before visiting clinic ?
    To facilitate skin prick testing, patients should have discontinued antihistamines (Piriton, hay fever tablets) for at least 3 days prior to the clinic visit. Skin prick test results are available in clinic within 15 min. Most patients will get their skin prick test done during the initial consultation although some may have to get it done in a follow-up visit. In regards to fruit allergy, we usually request the family to bring the fruits along for modified skin prick testing in clinic. Tests are available for all relevant food and airborne allergens. IGE antibody blood tests are available and a follow-up consultation is done to analyse the results. Tests are also available for lactose and gluten intolerance. The turnaround time for blood test results is between 1-2 weeks.
  • Clinic Results?
    Clinic letters with results are sent to the GP and the patient/ parents as standard.
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