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Skin Allergies are very common and have various symptoms like itchy skin and red rashes which can be both painful and irritating at times, skin allergies can be caused by plants, food, medication triggers, chemicals, dyes etc.

There are different types of skin allergies that occur-

  • Eczema​- It is a chronic disease that is mostly experienced by children also known as atopic dermatitis it is identified through dry and sensitive skin, exposure to different allergens like pet hair, dust mites, chemicals(cosmetics, soaps, lotions etc.)  act as triggers.


  • Severe itching

  • Redness on skin

  • Can cause oozing if itching persists

  • Rashes


  • Hives- It usually looks like raised-red bumps that are itchy in nature, hives usually appear and disappear quickly depending on the severity of the allergy. This allergy can be triggered through latex, blood transfusion, insect bites, stings, pollen, plants etc.



  • Raised red bumps-which are itchy in nature(depending on severeness of the allergy this can occur over longer( weeks to months) or shorter(minutes) periods of time

  • Blanching may occur-the red centre on the skin can turn white if itched

  • Contact Dermatitis- This skin allergy mainly occurs after your skin comes in contact with an allergen which could potentially act as a trigger to the allergy, the few common triggers include plants like(poison ivy), jewellery made of metals(nickel, gold etc.). 


Some people may also suffer from Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis when an allergen causes a reaction after the skin is exposed to the sun, it usually takes place due to shaving creams/lotions, sunscreens and perfumes.



  • Intense itching 

  • Inflammation of skin

  • Red bumps or blisters with or without liquid 

  • Swelling on the skin

If you think that you are suffering from skin allergy or you have any of these symptoms. Please consult a good allergist near you. British Allergy Clinic provides top quality allergy services in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and video consultations are also available. You can directly call us at +44 (0) 7587840618 or fill this form.

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