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What you should know about Anaphylaxis?

Updated: Feb 24

Anaphylaxis is usually classified as an extreme case of allergy which occurs when an allergen triggers your body's immune system to react in a very fatal manner which can be life-threatening, let's read more about Anaphylaxis to get a better understanding on how to deal with it.

How does Anaphylaxis Occur?

Anaphylaxis being a rare phenomenon occurs when your immune system overreacts when it comes in contact with an allergen that triggers severe symptoms, it is usually caused by an already existing allergy such as food allergy, bee sting, Hay fever etc and also through medications taken by adults.

Common Symptoms caused by Anaphylaxis-

During an anaphylactic reaction many symptoms are caused like:

  • Intense itching

  • Wheezing, periodic coughing and sneezing

  • Drowsiness and dizziness

  • red swollen rashes on the skin

  • Paleness in skin

  • Diarrhoea and vomiting

  • Pain in the abdominal region of the body

  • Scratchy, hoarse throat

  • Swelling in the mouth

Treating Anaphylaxis

A shot of Epinephrine usually nullifies the symptoms but to take more precaution it's best to visit an allergy clinic after an anaphylactic attack, contact British Allergy Clinic for a comprehensive private allergy test in London.

Book your appointment with Dr Bakshi one of the few formally trained top allergist's in London and Birmingham, head to British Allergy Clinic, the best private allergy clinic that provides comprehensive care and treatment for all your allergies.

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